If you are not happy..

“If you are not happy, upset, sad:
1. Know: Everything is changing. It is impermanent. It’s a passing phenomenon. Have conviction about this.
2. You have the capacity to face it. You are much more powerful than a situation or problem that is in front of you.
3. Look at those who have greater problems than you. People in Sri Lanka, people in Iraq, even here in inner city areas – see what crisis or problem they have. And do something for them. When you start doing something, then your problem will appear like nothing, miniscule. Your problem will get solved…because it appears like nothing big.
4. Know: You have always been helped. Haven’t you been helped? Look back and see…Have that faith: I will get help. I will move through it. Nature will take care. God will take care… It will be handled.
5. See: In this whole cosmos, everything is nothing. Every particle is nothing. I am nothing, we are nothing, this is all nothing. A few moments of that awareness that everything is nothing brings enormous strength and courage in you. And love… See when you are angry, you say ‘I give up.’ When that comes from knowledge, the ‘I give up’…intense prayer happens: I can’t handle this. I give up.

From Talks by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

via Talks By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar http://talksbysrisriravishankar.blogspot.com/2013/12/if-you-are-not-happy.html

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