Ocean of life : Talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Where is such consciousness? Where is this thick existence of life, the ocean of life? In the second Verse, the Rishis say — it is behind you, in front of you, to the left, to the right, all over. That is chidakasha; that is the space of consciousness. Bodies are just an expression of this space. The five attributes of self are: truth, consciousness, bliss, eternal and complete or total. There is a saying in Sanskrit: expression distorts the truth.

Truth is. The moment you express it, it is already distorted. Truth is that force. Truth is what is. Truth is the state; it’s not what is said. Suppose someone tells you that you are a liar, or someone accuses you of something that you have not done or of stealing something, you confront him, right? You say No, (you haven’t done that). Now, you would have observed that what you say in words is not so important as is the state of your consciousness behind that No. You have said that No with some power, some force. Your words are not the Truth but that force behind the word is true consciousness.

Suppose sitting in Chennai you are told that you’re in Paris right now, immediately you will say, “No. I am in Chennai .” There is a force behind your expression. That is truth. And that force is full of consciousness, alertness and liveliness. And that force is also blissful — Satchitananda.

These are the three characteristics of your soul, your being, your innermost: truth, consciousness and bliss. You are like an onion. Once you are peeled, and peeled, and peeled, you will find that in the centre core of your existence are these three things. And these, in a bigger magnitude, are called nitya — eternal, unchanging, paripurna — very total, whole.

Rishis said, ‘‘Meditate on these five attributes of Brahman in thy mind and realise”. What is meditation? Meditation is getting in touch with this aspect of life — to be in the space that you are. You sit just to dissolve in the inner space and then, what happens?

Some clouds of thought come through. Clouds are not the sky. They come and go. If you follow the cloud you will go to the end of the cloud. You will miss the sky. You just be. Let the cloud come, pass, go. Thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions will come, clear the air in a few minutes and then you are infinite space, untouched by any of these thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

Meditation is, to be in touch with these five attributes of your self. This immortal, non dual, indivisible, formless Atman, or Self, is to be realized by one’s own self by constant and deep meditation.

A talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 

via Talks By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar http://talksbysrisriravishankar.blogspot.com/2013/04/ocean-of-life-talk-by-sri-sri-ravi.html

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